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About the Artist: Mike Walrath is a Thai Boxing trainer who runs a Muay Thai school in Eugene, Oregon (U.S.A.). He has been teaching martial arts in Eugene for 25 years and has had a life-long relationship with the Fight, both physical and mental. His interest in human endeavor, survival, and movement, permeate his visual artwork as well. Both his martial arts and his visual arts took root in East L.A. where he was born and raised. Muay Thai crystallized his career, and after a number of trips to Thailand and first-hand experiences of national conflicts, he has established a successful school where hundreds of young people have found direction, safety, and a means to self-improvement. It has become quite a family. Likewise, Mike’s painting has recently taken on larger societal proportions: a carousel of faceless men in suits senselessly pursuing the nightmare clown (titled “Nine to Five”). The Joker series promises more pieces in the months to come. He is also currently continuing his series of black and white portraits of fighters and fight scenes, poetry in motion.

Art News

• JACOBS GALLERY at the Hult Center, downtown Eugene, Oregon:
 “The Process”, acrylic on canvas, chosen for the MAYOR’S ART SHOW 2009

The Process

The Process, 3' x 4'


• Muay Thai PORTRAITS of Master Chai for SALE: original acrylic paintings, or prints autographed by Master Chai. Sales support the T.B.A: 20% of all proceeds go to Master Chai’s retirement fund.

• JACOBS GALLERY at the Hult Center, downtown Eugene, Oregon, September 2008: "Nine to Five", acrylic on canvas by MIKE WALRATH: accepted to the MAYOR'S ART SHOW.


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Ajarn Mike Walrath

For all sales e-mail bigfootgym@gmail.com


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