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Kun Kru Mike Walrath is Full Instructor under Master Chai of the Thai Boxing Association (TBA)of the U.S.A.; he is also certified Level 5 in Krabi Krabong at the BUDDHAI SAWAN Swordfighting Institute in Thailand, and founder of the North West Muay Thai Camp for the TBA.

After a short amateur fight career--a handful of wins and one loss--Mike Walrath opened his own gym, the first Muay Thai school in Oregon, and has been teaching in Eugene for 25 years with the blessing of the Thai and Lao community. In the beginning not many people in this area knew what Muay Thai was; people from all different styles would come and challenge the instructor. They soon discovered that Kun Kru Mike Walrath was serious, and that Muay Thai was a formidable art. Many of his challengers then became his students, others never showed their face again. Some of his students have continued with schools of their own. Most Muay Thai instructors in the Eugene/Portland area are former Big Foot students.

His Muay Thai teaching experience extends beyond Big Foot Gym:

*Hard Knox Gym, where he was also a sparring partner for pro-fighters.
*Gold’s Gym, Western Boxing and Self Defense (Muay Thai)
*24-Hour Fitness, Western Boxing and Self Defense (Muay Thai)
*Shasta Middle School
*Seminars in the U.S. and Europe
*Working with at-risk youth, helping address behavior issues, and drug problems (local organizations: LEAD, Looking Glass, Opportunity Center)
*Experience with physical rehabilitation

Mike Walrath was raised in LaPuente, California- a suburb of East Los Angeles, a bit of a rough neighborhood. Started Judo at age 5 and from there went on to Boxing, Wrestling, Kung Fu, Shorin Ru (brown belt under Tony Jeneck), Tae Kwon Do, Shoot Boxing, Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong; in all, 47 years martial arts experience, 30 years Muay Thai, 15 years Krabi Krabong.

Mike Walrath has also been training fighters for international, regional, and local fights for over 20 years.



Kru Harley
Head Instructor
Fight Trainer

Ajarn Mike Walrath

1123 Bailey Hill Road,#32
Eugene, Oregon USA
(541) 606-0759

Class Schedule
Mon - Fri: 5:30-7pm
All ages, all levels mixed

Open Gym and private lessons available

Monthly rates
$75 individual
$100 family package

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