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Krabi Krabong is the original fighting art of Thailand. It involves swords, spears, staffs, or bladed weapons on the end of a staff; sometimes kicking is involved at the same time. Agility was key to survival. Krabi Krabong varies a bit from region to region; the art itself is millenia old. This art enabled Thailand to be the only country in South East Asia to never be conquered.

Krabi Krabong is now taught in public school systems in Thailand to help teach history and physical education. In the Western world it is a little known art. Only a handful of non Thai people have ever trained Krabi Krabong. Fortunately, Kun Kru Mike Walrath is one such person, trained at the Buddhai Sawan Swordfighting Institute by the late Por Kru Samai Mesamarn.

Here in Oregon, we are lucky to also have Adjarn Steve Wilson, one of the highest ranking Krabi Krabong practitioners in North America. Adjarn Wilson trained with Kun Kru Mike Walrath at the Buddhai Sawan Institute in Thailand.

Here at Big Foot Gym, Krabi Krabong is regularly incorporated into the Muay Thai training, and is also offered as a separate focus class.


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Ajarn Mike Walrath

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